2020, Volume 30

Issue 1, March 2020

  1. Book Review: The Editor’s Handbook, 3rd Edition, Heather Carter-Templeton
  2. Asking Authors to Nominate Reviewers, Rachel Kornhaber, Denis Visentin, Roger Watson, and Michelle Cleary
  3. Revising it Right: Five Steps to Help You Get Your Work Published, Jennifer Chicca and Teresa Shellenbarger
  4. Nurses and Creative Writing: An Interview with Nurse Author Jeanne Bryner, Jacqueline K. Owens
  5. Untangling the Misleading Message Around Saturation in Qualitative Nursing Studies, Sally Thorne
  6. Working from a Distance: The Collaboration of an Editor and a Managing Editor, Patricia Gonce Morton and William O’Connor

Issue 2, June 2020