2009, Volume 19

Issue 1, March 2009

  1. How to Write a Good PhD Proposal: The Experience of Novice Researchers, Krishna Regmi and Sharada Regmi
  2. We’re Sorry But…Redux, Joellen W. Hawkins
  3. Double Duty: Convert Your Poster Presentations into Papers, Ebtisam Elghblawi

Issue 2, June 2009

  1. Avoid Rejection: Write for the Audience and the Journal, Charon Pierson
  2. The Role of Editors as Mentors, Joellen W. Hawkins

Issue 3, September 2009

  1. Self-Reflection Along the Path to Writing, Reviewing, and Editing, Andrew Harding
  2. An Editor Speaks: The Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Charon Pierson
  3. Referencing Styles and Research, Ramon Camaño-Puig and Carmen Piqué-Noguera

Issue 4, December 2009

  1. You Use APA and I Use AMA, Joellen Hawkins
  2. My Three-Year PhD Research Journey: Reflections on Learning, Krishna Regmi
  3. The PRISMA Statement: What Does It Mean for Nurse Authors, Reviewers, and Editors? Charon A. Pierson
  4. Secrets of Successful Writers, Julie Silver