2010, Volume 20

Issue 1, March 2010

  1. Developing Qualitative Research Analyses, Judy Petersen
  2. Developing Qualitative Research Discussions, Judy Petersen
  3. Detecting and Preventing Plagiarism in Publishing, Charon A. Pierson

Issue 2, June 2010

  1. Managing Your PhD Progression: Tips for Staying on Track, Elisabeth Coyne
  2. Disclosures: What Do They Mean for Nurse Authors and Editors? Charon A. Pierson

Issue 3, September 2010

  1. Authorial Agreements: Get It In Writing Before You Do the Work! Gillian Ray-Barruel
  2. Top Ten Peeves of Editors: A Survey of One, Charon A. Pierson

Issue 4, December 2010

  1. Nurse Editors Active in the Committee on Publication Ethics: COPE, Charon A. Pierson
  2. Previously Published Material, Bob Campbell