2011, Volume 21

Issue 1, March 2011

  1. An Editor Speaks: Journal of Radiology Nursing, Kathleen Gross
  2. An Editor Speaks: MEDSURG Nursing, Dottie Roberts
  3. Confessions of First-Time Authors, Karen Frith
  4. Useful Resources for Authors, Reviewers, and Editors, Charon A. Pierson

Issue 2, June 2011

  1. Retracted Articles Impact Nursing Literature: Here’s How, Charon A. Pierson
  2. The SQUIRE Statement, Andrew Harding

Issue 3, September 2011

  1. Chunk It: How to Turn Large Written Projects Into Articles, Kathleen T. Heinrich
  2. Writing for Publication: A Scholars’ Group Approach, Rose Mary Gee
  3. INANE 2011: Moving Editors Into a “Brave New World,” Charon A. Pierson

Issue 4, December 2011

  1. Editing Checklists Can Help Authors and Editors, Charon A. Pierson