2012, Volume 22

Issue 1, March 2012

  1. Emerging and Recurring Themes in Writing for Publication, Charon Pierson
  2. Making Publication Ethics Work, Geraldine S. Pearson
  3. Responding to Feedback: Making Clear the Changes Made, Patricia Yoder-Wise

Issue 2, June 2012

  1. Bibliometrics and Nursing, Derek R. Smith
  2. Promoting Academic Publication, Carol Grech and David Evans
  3. Length Matters: References, Leslie H. Nicoll
  4. How to Move a Writing Project Past Stuck: Freewrite Your Way to Discovery, Kathleen T. Heinrich

Issue 3, September 2012

  1. Coercive Self-Citation: A New Concern in the Ethics of Publishing, Emily J. Jones and Deborah Lind Mahony
  2. Writing a Quality Editorial, Michelle Cleary, Brenda Happell, Debra Jackson, and Garry Walter
  3. Learn to Love the DOI, Julia Shaw-Kokot
  4. Mentoring New Authors: Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing’s Writing Mentorship Program, Deborah K. Mayer, Sean Pieszak, and Keightley Amen
  5. How to Go With the Ebb So Writing Projects Flow: Forbid Yourself to Write, Kathleen T. Heinrich

Issue 4, December 2012

  1. Using Bibliometrics to Interpret the Contribution of Nursing Science, Molly C. Dougherty
  2. Editors Cannot Know It All: Making the Case for a Medical Librarian on Your Editorial Board, Judith S. Young and Tina M. Marrelli
  3. Case Studies: Strategies to Protect Patient Privacy, Marla J. DeJong
  4. Reaching Your Readership Through the Blogosphere, Kelly A. Goudreau and Janet S. Fulton
  5. Narrative Writing: Its Role in Nursing Literature, Lois Gerber
  6. How to Move High Stakes Writing Projects Past Paralysis, Kathleen T. Heinrich