2013, Volume 23

Issue 1, March 2013

  1. Four Rules of Writing, Roger Watson
  2. Systematic Reviews of the Literature, Anne Wilson
  3. Creating a Peer Network to Support Publication by Graduate Students in Nursing, Kristi Panchuk, Kelly Gray, Elaine Moody, and Sarah Desrosiers
  4. From the Bedside to the Glossy Pages: Coaching Direct Care Nurses in an Authoring Experience, Renee Twibell
  5. Transforming a Presentation or Poster into a Publishable Manuscript, Sharon Valente
  6. How to Whiz Past Your Blank Page Fears? Structure Before You Write, Kathleen T. Heinrich
  7. Writing a Book: What You Need to Know, Marilyn Oermann

Issue 2, June 2013

  1. English as a Foreign Language: Reviewing and Editing Manuscripts, Linda Ohler, Donna Hathaway, Rebecka Wulf, Katie Spiller, and Paul Mather
  2. Literacy for the Digital Immigrant, Peggy L. Chinn
  3. On Reviewing Well, Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
  4. Getting Published for the First Time: Tips for New Graduate Students, Ashley L. Peterson
  5. How to Prevent Premature Collaboration: Write Yourself in the Right Relationship, Kathleen T. Heinrich
  6. Reporting Guidelines for Research, Systematic Review, and Quality Improvement Articles, Marilyn Oermann

Issue 3, September 2013

  1. Scientific Journals and Support for New Researchers, Helena Leino-Kilpi
  2. Writing a Book Chapter, Leslie H. Nicoll
  3. Getting Others to Write: Not for the Faint of Heart, Donna M. Nickitas
  4. Daily Writing, Daily Bread, Joy Jacobson
  5. A Guide for the Perplexed, James M. Stubenrauch
  6. Insights About the Manuscript Review Process, Patricia Gonce Morton
  7. Mentoring Nurse Authors and Editors with EMINENCE, Andrew D. Harding
  8. How to Loosen Envy’s Grip on Your Writing Progress: Right Your Relationships, Kathleen T. Heinrich
  9. Make the Title Count, Marilyn Oermann and Adrianne K. Leonardelli

Issue 4, December 2013

  1. Self-Efficacy and Writing Beliefs in Nursing, Thomas Lawrence Long
  2. My Crash Course in Publication Ethics, Charon Pierson
  3. Consumers as Partners in Writing Projects: Lessons Learned from Mental Health, Michelle Cleary, Phil Escott, Debra Jackson, and Catherine L. Hungerford
  4. What Are Editors For? Roger Watson
  5. Three Tips for Successful Coauthoring, Lorraine Steefel
  6. Bibliographic Management Software is an Author’s Best Productivity Tool, Karen H. Frith
  7. How to Bounce Back from Writing-Induced Traumas: Plump Up Your Resilience, Kathleen T. Heinrich