2014, Volume 24

Issue 1, March 2014

  1. An Overlooked Peer? Role of the Managing Editor in Nursing Journals, Michael Muscat
  2. Let’s Talk About Getting Students to Write, Maureen Shawn Kennedy
  3. On Typewriters, Leslie H. Nicoll
  4. Criteria for Defining Authorship: Equally Important for Textbooks and Educational Resources, Brenda Happell and Michelle Cleary
  5. How to Write a Memorable Article, Cynthia Saver
  6. Do You Know…How to Prevent Feedback Fallout: Make Your Peer Edits a Compassionate Critique, Kathleen T. Heinrich
  7. Writing the Abstract of Your Manuscript, Marilyn Oermann

Issue 2, June 2014

  1. Integrity in Publishing: Some Considerations for Dealing with Complaints About Author Misconduct, Michelle Cleary, Brenda Happell, and Garry Walter
  2. Writing a Killer Op-Ed: Sharpening the Persuasive Writing Blade, Meaghan O’Keefe
  3. Understanding Twitter, Roger Watson
  4. What to Do with a Rejected Manuscript, Raeda AbuALRub and Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
  5. Student Assignments and Writing for Publication, Michelle Cleary, Violeta Lopez, Debra Jackson, and Catherine L. Hungerford
  6. Journal Impact Factors: ‘Tis the Season, Marilyn H. Oermann

Issue 3, September 2014

  1. Editorial, Leslie H. Nicoll
  2. Predatory Publishing: What Editors Need to Know, INANE “Predatory Publishing Practices” Collaborative
  3. Self-Plagiarism, Cynthia Saver
  4. Public Advocacy Writing, Thomas Long
  5. Online Publication Structure, Jacqueline K. Owens
  6. Blogging, Roger Watson

Issue 4, December 2014

  1. Editorial: Always Make Nurse Come First! Leslie H. Nicoll
  2. Hints for Writing Productivity, Peggy L. Chinn
  3. Student Faculty Authorship: Challenges and Solutions, Jessica Nishikawa, Estelle Codier, Debra Mark, and Maureen Shannon
  4. Engaging Clinical Nurses in Manuscript Preparation and Publication, Patricia A. Johnston and Kelly J. Brassil
  5. Building Blocks for Writing Success, Teresa Shellenbarger
  6. Introducing Nursing Open: A Gold Model Open Access Journal for Nursing, Roger Watson