2016, Volume 26

Issue 1, March 2016

  1. Review: The Editor’s Handbook, 2nd Edition, Kathleen Simpson
  2. PubPeer: Never Heard of It? You Have Now, Roger Watson
  3. Publish or Perish? Leslie Neal-Boylan
  4. Writing Research Impact Statements, Michelle Cleary, Jan Sayers, and Roger Watson
  5. Posting on Social Media, Jacqueline K. Owens
  6. Publishing Secrets: 40 Things Editors Won’t Tell You (But You Need to Know), Cynthia Saver

Issue 2, June 2016

  1. “Did I really say that?” Quoting, Misquoting, and Misinterpretation: Academic Integrity in Writing for Publication, Michelle Cleary, Jan Sayers, Garry Walter, and Leslie H. Nicoll
  2. Extending Journal Reach with Social Media, Maureen “Shawn” Kennedy
  3. The Value of Trusting No One and Using Similarity Checkers, Roger Watson
  4. Freewrite: First Impressions, Leslie H. Nicoll
  5. Networks of Editors: Useful for Researchers, Helena Leino-Kilpi
  6.  Book Review: Writing in the Digital Age, Heather Carter-Templeton
  7. Using ResearchGate Responsibly, Michelle Cleary, Steven Campbell, Jan Sayers, and Rachel Kornhaber

Issue 3, September 2016

  1. Enhancing Writing Productivity: Tactics for Success, Teresa Shellenbarger
  2. Making Your Article “International”, Roger Watson
  3. Simplifying Synthesis, Teresa Shellenbarger
  4. Effective Queries Can Save Authors Time and Effort, Cynthia Saver
  5. A Primer on the Copyright Transfer Form, Leslie H. Nicoll
  6. Conference Presentations: Tips, Tricks and Traps, Michelle Cleary, Jan Sayers, Rachel Kornhaber

Issue 4, December 2016

  1. Thinking Strategically About a Journal Editorial Board, Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
  2. The Process of Writing When English is Your Second Language, Erla Kolbrún Svavarsdóttir
  3. Abbreviations, Initialisms, and Acronyms: Guidance for Authors, Leslie H. Nicoll
  4. Paperpile and Google Docs, Peggy Chinn
  5. Moths to a Flame: How We Can Improve the Quality of Clinical Trial Reporting in Nursing Journals, Richard John Gray
  6. Helping Students Get Published: Tips from Journal Editors; A White Paper developed by the INANE Student Papers Work Group, Julia Muennich Cowell and Charon A. Pierson