Introducing Nursing Open

Introducing Nursing Open: A Gold Model Open Access Journal for Nursing

Roger Watson

nurse author & Editor, 2014, 24(4), 6

The proliferation of online open access journals in nursing was covered in a recent issue of Nurse Author & Editor.  As described there by the INANE “Predatory Publishing Practices” Collaborative (2014), not all open access journals are equal and the daily bombardment of emails inviting us to take part in online open access publishing in various capacities will continue.  Nevertheless, the pressure to publish in open access journals increases.  In Europe and Australia there are several factors driving this such as research councils and university funding bodies who are insisting that publications funded by them or used for research assessment be made available open access.

At a time when open access publishing remains to be fully accepted by those who write and publish in nursing (Watson et al., 2012), Nursing Open falls within the category of online, open access journals that derive revenue from Article Publishing Charges (APC) rather than traditional subscriptions.  This is a relatively new venture from Wiley Open Access, within its suite of online open access journals designed to meet the increasing interest in open access publishing in other disciplines.  Nursing Open offers open access publishing by the gold route, in addition to the possibility of publishing by this route with established journals such as Journal of Advanced Nursing.  As described in my editorial launching Nursing Open (Watson, 2014), we wish to publish a journal that offers: quality, integrity, and speed in online open access publishing. Integrity is ensured by having a rigorous peer review system and by separating the APC from the peer review process.  If you are interested in Nursing Open, please visit the website and under the Early View section you will see some articles that have already been published. Full Author Guidelines are available including a template for manuscripts and the types of manuscript we accept and details APC that have been established for the journal.


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About the Author

Roger Watson, PhD, FRCN,  FAAN is the Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Nursing and Editor, Nursing Open. He is a member of the Faculty of Health & Social Care, University of Hull, Hull, UK.

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