2017, Volume 27

Issue 1, March 2017

  1. INANE Editor Best Practices, Elaine T. Miller and Sara Burke
  2. Trial Registration: Lessons Learned from Nursing Research, Susan J. Henly and Deborah A. Chyun
  3. In the Company of Writers, Teresa Shellenbarger
  4. A “Heads Up” on Headings, Roger Watson
  5. An Editor’s Perspective on Reporting Research, Patricia Gonce Morton
  6. We Are in this Together: Sharing Expertise as a Way to Increase Publication Success, Elizabeth A. Gazza and colleagues

Issue 2, June 2017

  1. Student-Dedicated Publication Venues and Guidelines: A Content Analysis, Jacqueline K. Owens, Andrea Warner Stidham, and Elizabeth L. Owens
  2. Grow Your ORCiD Profile, Roger Watson
  3. CiteScore and Nursing Journals, Marilyn H. Oermann and Jamie L. Conklin
  4. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism, Michelle Cleary and Jan Sayers
  5. Finding Your Voice and Writing Well: Situating Yourself Within Your Text, Peggy L. Chinn
  6. Finding Your Voice and Writing Well: Situating Others Within the Text, Peggy L. Chinn

Issue 3, September 2017

  1. YouTube for Nurse Authors, Jessica Nishikawa
  2. Publication Metrics, Jamie L. Conklin and Marilyn H. Oermann
  3. Writing for The Conversation, Roger Watson
  4. Editorial Independence and the Society Editor, Jan Odom-Forren
  5. Resources for Nursing Editors, Authors, and Peer Reviewers, Geraldine S. Pearson and Kristen Overstreet
  6. Issues of Authorship: Who and in What Order? Laura C. Hein and Peggy Chinn

Issue 4, December 2017

  1. Transforming the Ultimate Paper: Hints for Authors, Leslie H. Nicoll
  2. Reporting Guidelines: Tools for Preparing Your Manuscript, Marilyn H. Oermann
  3. Achieving Great Grammar, Jennifer Chicca and Teresa Shellenbarger
  4. Standalone Interviews Do Not Equal Qualitative Research, Tom Christenbery
  5. Politics and Professional Nursing Journals, Peggy Chinn and Shawn Kennedy
  6. What Does an Editor-in-Chief Actually Do: The View from the Journal of Advanced Nursing, Roger Watson