For Authors

There is a wealth of resources available to authors, whether you are a novice or more experienced. This page will highlight particular resources that the Editor-in-Chief, Authors-in-Residence and others have found helpful. If you have resources that should be added to this page, please use the Contact Form to send the information directly to the Editor-in-Chief. Thank you!

  • We are very pleased to give all Nurse Author & Editor readers access to Writing for Publication ((c) 2019, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).  
  • The Directory of Nursing Journals, a collaborative venture between the International Academy of Nursing Editors and Nurse Author & Editor, is a comprehensive, curated directory of nursing journals that authors can use to identify potential publication outlets. It is updated weekly.
  • Manuscript Success by Leslie H. Nicoll is a short, concise description of the writing process Dr. Nicoll has developed to help authors move from initial idea to successfully published manuscript. Available as a Kindle book at Amazon.
  • Writing for Publication in Nursingby Marilyn Oermann and Judith Hays is a comprehensive overview of the writing process. The 4th edition includes:
    • Updated chapters and new examples from a wide variety of nursing journals;
    • Expanded content on conducting and writing systematic, integrative, and literature reviews;
    • Guidelines for reporting different types of research;
    • Expanded discussion and examples of searchable databases;
    • Electronic versions of useful forms;
    • Updated web resources in each chapter and in an appendix.
  • The Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses by Cynthia Saver (3rd ed) includes practical information on the writing and publishing process, from a variety of expert contributors.
  • Writing in the Digital Age: Savvy Publishing for Healthcare Professionalsby Leslie H. Nicoll and Peggy L. Chinn, is a valuable resource to orient authors to the rapid evolution of digital writing.
  • Writing for Professional Journals is an online course developed by Patricia Gonce Morton.  The course content includes twelve modules. Each module has accompanying video instruction, PowerPoint slides, reflection assignments, activity log workbook assignments, and suggested reading lists. Individual learners can work through the content or it can be adapted to a college course.
  • Writing for Publication in Healthcare edited by Karen Holland and Roger Watson,  is an invaluable guide to ‘getting it right’, focusing on all aspects of writing for publication. It will help the reader to develop skills in writing articles, book reviews and other forms of publications, and can also be used as an aide-mémoire for editors and journal or book reviewers.
  • Understanding Plagiarism in a Digital Age is a terrific article from the New York Times, with videos, interactive exercises, and resources.

If you would like to submit a paper to Nurse Author & Editor, please visit the Online Manuscript Submission pages. There you will find the Information for Authors, Copyright Transfer Form (which must be included with all submissions), and the form that is used to upload your manuscript electronically. Thank you in advance for your interest and potential contribution!