2019, Volume 29

Issue 1, March 2019

  1. Mythbusters: Citing Online Sources, Peggy L. Chinn
  2. Growing Young Researchers: Benefits of Summer Scholarships, Jess Grimmond, Denis Visentin, Rachel Kornhaber, and Michelle Cleary
  3. Using Existing Research Instruments: Copyright, Permission, and Fair Use, Darrell Spurlock, Jr.
  4. Plagiarism Detection Software and Its Appropriate Use, Megan von Isenburg, Marilyn H. Oermann, and Valerie Howard
  5. Taming the Writing Demons:  Overcoming Writing Apprehension, Kaitlin Cobourne and Teresa Shellenbarger
  6. Writing and Publishing Advice from Authors and Editors, Cynthia Saver and Leslie H. Nicoll

Issue 2, June 2019

  1. Tips for Selecting a Topic for a Journal Article, Patricia Gonce Morton
  2. Writing Resources—An Annotated List of Helpful Books, Leslie H. Nicoll, Cynthia Saver, and Frances E. Likis
  3. Creating a Path to Become a Journal Editor, Peggy L. Chinn
  4. An Editor’s Top Ten, Leslie H. Nicoll
  5. Questionable Research Practices in Nursing Science: .05 Shades of Grey, Richard Gray
  6. Avoiding Desk Rejection of a Manuscript, Roger Watson

Issue 3, September 2019

  1. The Importance of Nursing in Nursing Publications, Marilyn H. Oermann, Peggy L. Chinn, Heather Carter-Templeton, and Leslie H. Nicoll
  2. Bad Language and Scholarly Publishing: Use It or Lose It? Jacqueline K. Owens
  3. Nursology.net: A New Resource for Nurse Authors and Editors, Peggy L. Chinn
  4. The Editor’s Role, Alice R. Clarke
  5. Paywall: The Business of Scholarship (movie review), Roger Watson
  6. A History of Citation Styles, Thomas Lawrence Long

Issue 4, December 2020

  1. APA Updates: Highlights, Marilyn H. Oermann
  2. AMA Updates: Highlights, Connie Manno and Annette Flanagin
  3. What’s In a Name? Rita Pickler
  4. Leading an Ethical Journal: The Editor’s Role, Elizabeth Hood
  5. The Humble Sentence, Cynthia Saver
  6. Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Textbooks, Meigan Robb